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San Clemente Lemonade

6 bottles
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Born from the now historical 'Tamaro Gassosa', San Clemente Gassosa is the successor to the great Ticino tradition.

An explosion of taste

An explosion of flavour: San Clemente Gassose. With its mix of juicy sweetness and sparkling effervescence, this drink gives you ideal summer freshness. Each sip is an intense experience that captivates the senses. Perfect for parties with friends or relaxing moments in the sun. Share the satisfaction of this unique taste. Be surprised by the symphony of authentic flavours. Enjoy a moment of limitless pleasure in this true taste explosion: San Clemente Gassose.

All-natural pleasure

This delicious drink is the result of the combination of San Clemente mineral water and the authentic taste of mandarin, lemon or raspberry. San Clemente mineral water, with its crystal-clear purity and balanced mineral content, gives the soda a superior quality. Carefully chosen mandarin, lemon or raspberry provide a burst of fresh, fragrant flavour. This soda water is produced with great attention to the quality of the ingredients. San Clemente mineral water, rich in beneficial minerals, adds a note of purity and well-being to the drink. Tangerine, lemon and raspberry, fruits of nature, bring with them all their natural and genuine taste.


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