Absolute pure

San Clemente oligomineral water is of absolute bacteriological purity already at the source.

Suitable for children

Particularly suitable for reconstituting milk and powdered foods for newborns

Taste and Health

San Clemente oligomineral water has a pure and fresh taste thanks to its very low mineralisation


San Clemente oligomineral water, light and low in minerals, stimulates diuresis and purifies the body


San Clemente spring water is the water of the Swiss pre-Alps

San Clemente natural mineral spring water has several advantages in terms of its mineral salt content, which depends on the rock formations in the mountains, its very low heavy metal content and the absence of pollutants such as pesticides and substances of pharmacological origin. These substances can hardly be completely broken down by filtration plants, which is why spring water is suitable for many diets and also as food for infants.


Purezza e leggerezza: risultato di una composizione unica.

The chemical composition of San Clemente water and its low mineral salt content make it perfect as an accompaniment to different types of dishes and wines. The low sodium and calcium content make it perfect for different types of diets without overloading the kidneys. Quality is not achieved without careful quality control, and this is another merit of this water that maintains very low levels of heavy metals and absence of pollutants. This allows it to be used in the preparation of infant formula. The lightly carbonated and sparkling versions allow the consumer to enjoy different types of bubbles. These versions also have a good diuretic effect.


1.8 mg/l


1.5 mg/l


7.7 mg/l


6.7 mg/l


4.1 mg/l



Sodium 1.8 mg/l
Magnesium 1.5 mg/l
Soccer 7.7 mg/l
Sulfates 6.7 mg/l
Nitrates 4.1 mg/l
Nitrites Absent
Ph 6,75
Dry residue at 180° 44 mg/l
HCO3 25 mg/l



Dry residue at 180°

44 mg/l


25 mg/l

Why choose San Clemente oligomineral water

Microbiologicamente Pura

San Clemente natural mineral water is microbiologically pure already at the source and is free of chemical pollutants.

Very low levels of heavy metals

our water has much lower amounts of heavy metals than those required by law.

Also suitable for infants

San Clemente water, due to its low mineralisation and very low heavy metal content, is very suitable for feeding young children.

Suitable for beverage preparation

Suitable for preparing drinks: San Clemente oligomineral water is ideal for preparing drinks of all kinds, thanks to its purity

San Clemente is safe

each production is strictly controlled by the quality department, which carries out multiple tests throughout the day

Respect for nature

Tamaro Drinks SA is committed to protecting nature and using sustainable production techniques

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