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Water Cooler Bottles and Dispensers

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Dispenser on loan for use upon request.


Reusable PET and R-PET bottle with San Clemente natural mineral water. The perfect companion in the office and at home, to always have the right amount of natural mineral water on hand. The dispensers can be supplied on loan for use from a requirement of approximately 5 bottles per month.

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San Clemente at your fingertips

San Clemente water dispensers guarantee a continuous flow of room temperature, cold and hot water. On request, it is also possible to evaluate the option with added carbon dioxide to have San Clemente carbonated water always at hand.

Easy to use and maintain

Since San Clemente water is microbiologically pure, there is no need for filters or other purification processes as is the case with distributors connected directly to the water mains. Maintenance and sanitisation is now even easier, without the need to change components or clean pipes every 6 months, as the entire circuit is made of stainless steel components. Ask our offices for more information on maintaining and sanitising your dispenser. The operator will be able to support you and/or instruct you to carry out simple maintenance procedures.


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